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What Caused OWUV Stock To Fell More Than 20%?

One World Universe Inc [OWUV] stock lost -20.59% to close the yesterday session at $0.2700.  OWUV stock recorded Volume of 8.56M against the 30-day Average Volume of 3.96M. During the last 52-week period the OWUV stock value ranged from $0.0140 to $0.34. OWUV stock was booming at the previous close as it surged 70.00% to close at its 52-week high of $0.34 after news of an investment by the company surfaced.

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What news brought the OWUV stock higher?

One World Universe is a California partnership whose mission driven business is carrying out worldwide compassionate endeavors through the benefits created from the deals of items and administrations to further develop individuals’ day to day routines experiencing in the cruelest conditions and their networks. OWUV has contributed important assets, for example, admittance to personal protective equipment (PPE), drugs, antibodies, and instructive help programs where play and fundamental necessities are fundamental.

One World Universe has verbally consented to team up with a Web 3.0 frights and royalties platform for the maker business. OWUV will before long be unveiling the terms and conditions of the joint effort.

  • The platform will be a part of OWUV’s recently shaped auxiliary Meta Universe Holding Corp.
  • The platform will give all makers the chance to mashup, alter, and remix existing craftsmanship, music, photography, and film to make new masterpieces and media.
  • Imaginative teammates can appropriate their new manifestations available to be purchased to NFT, Web 2.0 commercial centers, displays, and galleries or through the web application.
  • Unique makers secure their privileges and offer sovereignties with any associate, supervisor, or remixer for each recently made, subordinate work oversaw through the stage.
  • Through the platform the narrators, performers, writers, and craftsmen behind Web 3.0 and the Metaverse will make a living cooperatively, ensuring each other’s privileges, sharing their monetary rewards, and making the fate of imaginative articulation, together.
  • This platform will be an indispensable piece in drawing capable craftsmen from all mediums to OWUV’s new stage.
  • Being a part of OWUV will permit Web 3.0 to quickly approach capital and be hatched for adaptable development of this platform.
  • Web 3.0 group has fabricated a definitive toolset so ANYONE, ANYWHERE, can FUND, PARTICIPATE, and PROFIT from any workmanship, music, media, amusement, and news-casting project.
  • Web 3.0 has figured out how to secure the two players, while gathering their eminences from a recently made co-claimed resource.

More from OWUV:

One World Universe (OWUV) plans to finish this exchange before very long. Elsewhere, OWUV has finished its 3×3 land bundle inside the Sandbox Metaverse game and is in definite exchanges to wrap their first superstar craftsman to work with Gabe Di Sante and his group.



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