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Identifying Value and Future Vision in LiveRamp Holdings Inc. (RAMP) Stock

Apple’s rejection of these cookies is causing major changes at LiveRamp Holdings Inc. (NYSE: RAMP). On February 16, Ramp shares were selling for $70.89 and have gained over 81 % in the past 12 months.

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The growth rate of this company is not as high as those of other SaaS professionals. Although LiveRamp’s solutions are not directly affected by the rejection of cookies by Apple, they are prepared for an important change in the market.

Advertising has become less effective and targeted without cookies — for some advertisers, which is unfortunate. Although LiveRamp is prepared for these changes, Apple’s decision will also negatively impact its revenue.

One solution is the LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic platform, a cookie-free data sharing platform where businesses and their marketers can share data while maintaining consumer privacy. Some well-known companies in marketing already used the ATS. Over the last quarter, LiveRamp partnered with 325 publishers worldwide, increasing from 215 a quarter earlier. The Trade Desk’s ad management platform, for instance, is integrated with LiveRamp. This could make the LiveRamp platform an ideal platform for growth.

The suspended marketing programs caused LiveRamp to reduce activity at the beginning of COVID-19. Nonetheless, revenue grew by 18% year-over-year during the fiscal year, which ended on December 31, 2020. It is expected that during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2021 (the first quarter of the calendar year 2021), revenue will increase to $ 116 million, up 10% YoY.

Despite the cookie company’s closure, LiveRamp expected a 10% to 15% increase in revenue in FY2022. As the company’s ATS solution becomes more widespread, it expects that the losses will be compensated.

LiveRamp recently announced that it would be acquiring the cloud-based DataFleets platform. There were no details disclosed about the deal except that DataFleets’ fourth-quarter results will marginally impact LiveRamp. Despite the acquisition’s size, LiveRamp certainly shows it is committed to upgrading its business and adapting to changing market condition

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